Craft CMS Developers

Craft Content Management System makes managing website content a breeze.

Craft CMS is a fully-featured and flexible content management system that makes managing website content a breeze. Experts in Craft CMS development and Craft Commerce, Spicy Web are a Melbourne digital marketing agency that specialises in building beautiful websites, customised to meet your businesses needs.

Craft Cms Developer Spicy Web

Manage Content With Ease

Keeping the content fresh doesn’t have to be a chore. The power of Craft CMS means that we can develop websites that are inviting and intuitive to use, meaning that you have full control over your website's written and visual content with an experience that you will actually enjoy using.

Design and develop exactly what you need with Craft CMS.

Craft CMS doesn’t make any assumptions about your content, or how it will be presented. This means Spicy Web can build exactly what you need rather than fighting with a pre-built theme.

Customise Your Content

We can create custom content models with sections and custom fields, making for an easy-to-use and impossible-to-break system for managing content such as blogs, portfolio, events and more.

Front-end Freedom

Craft CMS allows us to develop creative and custom websites, integrate with third-party API's and much more, all while retaining a simple, easy-to-use backend system.

Rich Plugin Library

Craft CMS allows us to extend the core functionality of your website with powerful plugin architecture.

Live Preview

See how your content looks on the front-end as you are creating it in the CMS with Live Preview.