Walk Into Luxury.

Walk Into Luxury is an award-winning luxury travel tour operator that specialises in exceptional boutique experiences across Australia. With international travel at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walk Into Luxury turned to Spicy Web to refine their brand, build an outstanding new website with increased functionality, and to develop an ongoing marketing plan that drives greater brand awareness and lead generation.


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  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Website
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Define & Refine

The primary objective of the rebrand exercise was to refine their existing branding to a more cohesive and mature space, with a more succinct and effective communication of their core unique selling proposition — that of highly unique, bespoke travel adventures throughout Australia. They asked that we highlight the incredible experiences on offer, while avoiding the usual clichés of packaged travel marketing.

To achieve this, we revised their existing logomark with a more mature and balanced approach. This is paired with a revamped typographic style and photographic library that clearly communicates their beautiful landscapes, experiences and adventures offered. The resulting brand development strategically positions Walk Into Luxury as a unique luxury travel brand that showcases their breadth and quality of product.

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In only six months since the new website launch, Walk Into Luxury has seen an incredible 358% conversion uplift — accelerating their growth as Australia’s premier luxury tour operator.

↑ 358%

Conversion rate uplift
generated through Google Ads

↑ 680%

Uplift in website traffic
since new website launch

↓ 66%

Decrease in cost per lead
generated through Google Ads

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Integration & Automation

In unison with the brand refresh, we designed and developed a completely revamped custom website that more effectively communicates their products, and provides a highly automated approach to lead and enquiry management with a custom integration into their internal CRM database. We developed a system that collects direct bookings, general enquiries, gift voucher purchases, and booking information forms, feeding seamlessly into their internal system and making for a significantly more intuitive and hands-off experience for their bookings team.


Our Strategy

To ensure we were targeting the right audiences that have the availability and disposable income for a luxury journey within Australia, we employed specific bid adjustments towards customers of higher household income and utilised a Target CPA smart bidding strategy. This bidding strategy used Machine Learning & AI to find the right customers for Walk Into Luxury and bid well against competitors.

Accommodation Focused Hierarchy

To gain the best results and avoid high costs, we created Google Ads campaigns with hierarchies based on specific accommodation locations that best benefited Walk Into Luxury and their custom programs. This led to finding customers that were already in-market for a luxury holiday for a specific location and brought brand awareness & lead consideration at the best time within the customer journey.


To create wider brand awareness of Walk Into Luxury to potential customers within & outside their usual scope, we implemented a remarketing campaign that served to previous website visitors as well as lookalike audiences. This led to an increase in website traffic and long-term lead generation as states across Australia.

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I cannot recommend the team at Spicy Web highly enough. (They) made the process of designing our new website enjoyable and we could not be more thrilled with the result.
Nikki King, Managing Director, Walk Into Luxury