Tesserent is a full-service cyber security provider. We launched a new website that consolidates their various brands under one entity — making it easier and more intuitive for Australian businesses to protect themselves for the digital future.


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Design Challenge

ASX-listed Tesserent is Australia’s fastest-growing provider of end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities. The opportunity was to scale their online presence and expand their marketing capabilities with a fully redesigned website. Their legacy digital assets saw a scattered brand experience, fragmented over multiple websites and assets, with outdated content and a broken customer communication and lead generation experience. Our brief was to bring these brands and assets together under a single unified banner, completely overhaul the communication of their service offering, and streamline their customer journey experience.

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A big shout out to the (Spicy Web) team for their responsiveness and professionalism. They've been a pleasure to work with.
Alexander Belchar, Head of Marketing, Tesserent
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Design Solution

Together we launched a new website that is easy to navigate, clear to understand, and encourages action. Clarity in the service offering demystifies what is often a daunting area of modern business coverage. Clarity in the brand ensures that the Tesserent suite of services are unified together seamlessly. A modern and modular Content Management System (Craft CMS) allows for a rich and engaging user experience, balanced with complete control and creative freedom for Tesserent’s internal marketing teams.

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Craft CMS Development

The development team used Craft CMS to build a beautiful and engaging website to meet the needs of Tesserent, bringing their vast range of products and services under one performant and engaging web property. Craft CMS provides a featured and flexible authoring experience, with full media asset management, WYSIWYG editing, live previews and — thanks to some custom wizardry by the development team — one-click live deployments right from the CMS. With expert use of the Craft CMS Neo plugin, clever page cache management and lazy loading and media optimisation, the site is super fast on every load, with subtle animations and interactive effects to make for a smooth user experience.

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Launch & Performance

In the first month since the website’s launch, the numbers say it all. Unique visitors are up 32% month on month. New lead enquiries are up across the board. The website makes it easy for potential customers to understand what they need, and get their questions answered in one place. Reinforcing their position as Australia’s leading cybersecurity provider.

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