Spicy Web is your trusted SEO Agency in Melbourne
Optimising websites, online stores and apps for long-term success in organic search results.

We help businesses to create and deliver personalised, intent-rich and relevant experiences that customers expect from brands. Digital technology and mobile devices have put people in control. Today’s customers expect immediate answers in the moments they want know, go, do or buy. Your web asset not only has to be fast and responsive on mobile devices but also present the best solution, most helpful or entertaining answer.

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The Process

The challenge in search is to know your customers incredibly well, so you can predict their intent. We’ve become obsessed with predicting intent and anticipating needs throughout the customer journey, and that’s key. To stay visible within search, it’s important to optimise your web assets for different steps throughout the journey. We help by doing your homework, staying on top of industry changes and providing helpful information, as well as solutions for people in need so you can optimise your web assets for success.

Our Point of Difference

Given our focus across both SEO & SEM, we won’t use the two mediums to compete against one another. If short term gain is the focus, we’ll use the appropriate platform to achieve that goal, whilst ensuring that our clients’ long term asset, continues to grow and is safe. We bring you results in a method that won’t hamper your long-term growth!

Our Metrics

We’ve thrown the ‘distraction metrics’ out the window and instead focus and talk in terms like revenue, sales, and enquiries, that our clients really care about. Our core goal is to grow our client's revenue and sales, long term, through organic search. We measure ourselves against key revenue-based KPIs.

SEO is More than Search

SEO encompasses UX, copywriting, strategic analysis, and tactical implementation. All with the end of the goal of creating an asset that generates revenue, long term. The scope of this is much larger than ‘rank #1 on Google’. Spicy Web assists clients with growing the value of an online asset, through the use of multiple disciplines.