Acquaint is a private at-home aged care organisation established in 2022. When Acquaint approached Spicy Web for help improving their online presence and visibility, they had a one-page site with minimal content, big ambitions, and an even bigger competitive market.


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About Acquaint

Established in 2022, Acquaint entered the aged care market with a view to disrupt the conventional at-home aged care model. With a new-to-market private offering, Acquaint needed to establish legitimacy in an industry often criticised for bureaucratic and less than customer-centric services.

With the challenges seemingly against them, Acquaint approached Spicy Web to develop and deploy an SEO strategy to help them attract and secure clients in their serviceable areas.

Challenge accepted!

In 12 months, the SEO strategy has delivered a remarkable uplift in visibility, lead enquiries, and keyword rankings

↑ 617%

Increase in website impressions

↑ 314%

Increase in new lead enquiries

↑ 2073%

Increase in number of ranking keywords

Spicy Web Aged Home Care SEO Agency
As a relatively new business, we are thrilled with our ten-fold increase in revenue and high-value client profile in the past twelve months. I can highly recommend Spicy Web to anyone looking to grow their business.
Fiona Somerville, Managing Director

The Strategy: Who, Where, and How?

Acquaint's initial web presence was a one-page website with sparse content. Since Google prioritises content that demonstrates expertise related to the promoted product or service, the first phase of the SEO campaign involved planning, curating, and developing engaging, relevant, and compelling content.

They had a clear understanding of their ideal audience and their locations, which informed the content tone of voice and campaign's location SEO strategy.

Maximising site structure for SEO impact was also a priority, ensuring the newly created content achieved optimal visibility and ranking.

Spicy Web SEO Strategy

Building Authority & Trust:

To build Acquaint's authority and trust, we implemented a robust content strategy. This included creating high-quality blog content to establish topical authority and integrating FAQ schema for rich snippets in search results.

We built Acquaint's About page with current, credible information, enhancing the company's narrative and connection with visitors.

And, we optimised their Google Business Profile, incorporating a review strategy to showcase positive client feedback and reinforce their reputation as a premium private in-home aged care provider in Melbourne.

Increasing Visibility:

To address the challenge of reaching an extremely niche audience, we focused on increasing Acquaint's visibility through strategic enhancements.

We utilised quality directory listings to boost local SEO, ensuring that Acquaint appeared in relevant local searches. And, we created location-specific pages targeting their primary service areas, allowing potential clients to find tailored information.

To appeal to an affluent market, our SEO team worked collaboratively with our Craft CMS developers to position the website with premium web design elements and high-quality content, reinforcing Acquaint's reputation as a top-tier private home care provider in Melbourne.

And, we implemented schema markup, including FAQ, organisation, local business, and service schemas, to secure valuable rich snippets in search engine results.

The SEO strategy significantly expanded Acquaint's online presence, making it more accessible and engaging for their target audience.

Spicy Web Aged Home Care SEO Melbourne

Implemented Tracking Systems:

Addressing the lack of conversion tracking was crucial for demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO strategy. To tackle this, we implemented robust tracking systems that accurately measured lead enquiries through form submissions and click-to-call actions. By setting up tracking, we gained valuable insights into user behaviour and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

This data allowed us to provide demonstrable results, showcasing the direct impact of our SEO and content strategies on lead generation. With precise conversion tracking in place, we could make informed decisions to optimise our campaigns and continually improve Acquaint's online presence and performance, ensuring sustained growth and success.

The Outcomes

Through strategic SEO enhancements and comprehensive content development, we successfully elevated Acquaint's online presence and credibility in the competitive home care market.

With increased client engagement and quality lead enquiries, Acquaint has secured its piece of the market share in the competitive aged care industry, solidifying a reputation as a premium private home care service provider in Melbourne.