Fibonacci, a prominent manufacturer of terrazzo materials based in Melbourne, sought to enhance their online presence and attract a broader audience within the design industry. By engaging Spicy Web's SEO expertise, Fibonacci saw significant results after an initial 12-month partnership — organic traffic increased by over 49%, while organic conversions surged by 312%.


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  • Architecture


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Project Background

Fibonacci engaged Spicy Web in November 2022 to enhance their online presence through SEO. They aimed to increase visibility for specific terrazzo products and improve overall conversions. Fibonacci came to us seeking a highly effective, lead-generating SEO campaign.


Fibonacci's brief to us was clear: they sought to expand their product range and enhance their reputation among designers and architects. This partnership aimed to leverage Spicy Web's digital expertise to elevate Fibonacci's market presence online, attract a broader professional audience, and ultimately drive growth in the competitive design industry.

  • Boost visibility for key terrazzo product keywords by 100%

  • Increase organic conversions 150%

Fibonacci terrazzo stone
The results speak for themselves. Since working with Jase, we've seen an astounding 300% rise in organic conversions. These metrics have far exceeded our expectations and have been pivotal in expanding our reach within the market.
Shady Kouzma, Operations Manager - Fibonacci
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SEO Results

Campaign results

By November 2023, Fibonacci experienced a significant uptick in their SEO performance metrics:

  • Organic Clicks: Increased by 49.56%
  • Organic Conversions: Surged by 312%

↑ 312%

Increase in Conversions
Year on Year

↑ 49%

Organic traffic increase
of 12k users in 12 months

↑ 10k

Increased impressions
by 10k per month

Fibonacci seo agency melbourne

Maintaining Growth

SEO Safeguard Package

Following the initial campaign success, Fibonacci transitioned to our SEO Safeguard service in December 2023. This strategic shift was aimed at maintaining achieved rankings and protecting the client's investment in SEO, aligning with their new focus on targeting designers and architects through offline and B2B paid marketing.

Current Status

As of the last reporting period, Fibonacci's organic traffic continues to grow with an annual increase of 24%. This ongoing improvement underscores the lasting impact of the strategic SEO interventions implemented by Spicy Web. Following Google's Core Update and HCU Updates in 2024, we are proud to report that our SEO strategies have successfully withstood these changes.