Kinetic Education.

Supporting students K–12, Kinetic Education unites real tutors with online learning. Since partnering with Spicy Web for SEO and Google Ads Management, their online leads have grown by 229% year on year since 2022.


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Spicy Web are not your normal agency, the level of care is exceptional. They not only take the time to understand your needs, but they deliver results.
Justin Holland, Head of Marketing, Kinetic Education

Project Background

In January 2022, Kinetic Education approached Spicy Web with a goal to lower their Cost Per Lead (CPL). We presented Kinetic Education with a holistic strategy, a partnership aimed to revolutionise Kinetic's digital presence. By rebuilding their Google Ads account and implementing a full-stack SEO strategy, we transformed their online presence attracting leads more efficiently and effectively.

Key Challenges:
  • High cost per acquisition (CPA) and a low conversion rate, resulting in a slow frequency of conversions
  • Custom-built CMS, providing additional challenges when implementing technical SEO
  • Limited keyword volume for their tutoring solutions
  • Extensive on-page SEO errors
  • Google Ads account rebuild
  • Reduce Google Ads cost per lead ($70+ before partnership)
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Over 12 months, we grew Kinetic Education's website traffic by 340k visitors

↑ 446%

Increase in enquiries
Year on Year

↑ 411%

Combined (SEO + Google Ads) traffic
increase of 340k users in 12 months

↓ 41%

Reduced cost per lead
by 41%

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Our SEO Strategy

Comprehensive auditing & planning

Our comprehensive SEO audit covered a wide array of elements. By identifying and meticulously addressing each of these critical website elements, we laid a solid foundation for keyword rankings growth. We designed a national growth strategy for their core tutoring products. By implementing an SEO-first approach, we improved their site's visibility in search engine results, leading to increased traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

Identifying niche-related traffic opportunities

Identifying high-volume traffic opportunities within a specific niche involves a strategic blend of market analysis, keyword research, and competitive insight. By utilising advanced SEO tools and data analytics, we meticulously analysed search trends, and content gaps in the education space to pinpoint related searches their target audience (parents and students) would make. This involved examining not only the volume of searches for specific keywords but also their relevance, competition level, and the intent behind the searches. By focusing on long-tail keywords and related topics within their niche, we were able to uncover untapped opportunities that align closely with their target audience's interests and needs.

SEO Results

Campaign results

The success of our meticulously crafted SEO campaign has been nothing short of remarkable, culminating in an astounding 229% growth in conversions year on year, alongside a staggering 364% increase in organic traffic. This translates to an influx of over 182,000 additional organic users, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies.

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Our Google Ads Strategy

Broad Generic Campaign to SKAGs Strategy

Starting with a broad campaign which we ran for 2 months and selecting the best performing keywords to add them to new Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs). This approach allows for better targeting and relevance, which often leads to improved click-through rates (CTRs) and lower costs per acquisition (CPAs)

Performance Max Campaign with Keyword Optimization Scripts

Utilising a Performance Max campaign combined with keyword optimisation scripts is another advanced tactic. It allows for automated optimisation based on performance data, intensive negative keywords and placements of ads.

Seasonal Bidding Strategy

Implementing a seasonal bidding strategy, particularly during school holidays, is smart. It ensures that your ad spend remains within budget and prevents costs from escalating unnecessarily during peak periods.

Google Ads Results

Campaign results

Since partnering with Spicy Web, Kinetic Education has experienced remarkable improvements in their Google Ads performance. The new account structure, streamlined approach, and targeted ad copies have contributed to a notable 112% increase in conversion frequency. Additionally, the optimised bidding strategy and implementation of negative keywords have led to a significant 41% reduction in the cost per acquisition (CPA).