The Circular Economy Journey.

Funded by Sustainability Victoria, The Circular Economy Journey is a research project undertaken by Monash University to investigate circular economy (CE) adoption in Victoria's manufacturing sector. We developed a dynamic visual identity and information website to help them share the results of their research and drive action toward real change.


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Fostering a Circular Economy

The concept of a circular economy involves moving beyond the traditional linear model of 'take, make, use, waste', towards a closed-loop system that prioritises minimising environmental harm through waste reduction and the repurposing or recycling of materials. The goal of research undertaken for The Circular Economy Journey is to engage with Victoria's heaviest polluting businesses with the goal to implement legitimate and effective change.

Video content is used as a feature to quickly and effectively communicate to the core audience
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Simplicity is key, with a clear and simple user interface guiding users to the key platform content

Case studies showcase how other businesses have implemented CE practices into their operations
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Designing for a Defined Audience

The project team at Monash Business School approached Spicy Web to develop an online platform that effectively communicates the project research findings, and engages with the core audience to drive functional change within Victoria's manufacturing sector.

The brief from the outset was clear; the visual identity of the project needed to reference the environmental factors without being overt. The project's primary objective is to reach out to users who have not yet made substantial efforts to adopt circular economy practices in their business operations. Therefore, the visual identity of the project must appeal to a primarily industrial and trade-oriented audience.

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Building an Engaging Digital Platform

In order to create an effective and functional digital platform, we developed a highly flexible and blazingly fast Craft CMS website. The UI is adaptable and highly responsive, enabling users to seamlessly navigate the project research at their own pace. Several interactive features are also available, giving users the ability to quickly assess their own performance and devise a plan of action to enhance their circular economy practices.

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Brand identity design, custom website design and development, and graphic design by Spicy Web.