Working on behalf of buyers or sellers, PropertyNeeds take the emotion and stress out of the property game by employing their experience and expertise to implement and oversee professional services.


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Building the Brand

After nearly two decades as a real estate agent, Mark Engwerda found that his skills served best as a middle-man — acting on behalf of a property buyer or seller to streamline the process and ensure the best results. We were engaged to develop branding for this new venture and to implement it across multiple platforms, including a website, social media, and print collateral.

Targeting a mostly mature market, the PropertyNeeds brand has been crafted with simplicity and and a focus in messaging. A custom wordmark logo communicates experience and stability, while the minimal 'house' icon can be extracted to act as a window representative of the business.

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Communicating Quality and Stability

The forest green was strategically chosen for it’s grounded and mature sentiment.

Custom letterpress business cards were printed as a piece of hero collateral — a high end tactile finish that makes an impression on new and potential clients to reinforce the quality of service offered by PropertyNeeds.

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A Cohesive Vision

With a cohesive brand across their website, stationery, and social channels, PropertyNeeds’ output is a reflection of the hands-on service they offer and represents their brand with authority and stability in a noisy market.

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Branding, graphic design, and website design and development by Spicy Web.