Online Marketing

Harnessing powerful tools to increase leads that generate return for your business.

Whatever your business goals, Spicy Web will piece together a modular, digital marketing campaign to achieve results.

Anyone can create an online presence, the hard part is creating an online presence that generates a return. Harnessing the powerful direct targeting approach of Google AdWords and Social Media Ads, we make sure your website is generating leads, sales or getting users to perform another action of value to your business.

Spicy Web are a Google AdWords Premier Partner, and are specialists in Social Media Adverts—including Facebook and Instagram. Wherever your customers are, we'll help you find them.

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The smarter way to advertise.

Your ideal target market is out there, and we'll help you find them!

Spicy Web will develop a strategy to reach your ideal customers be it by search engine adverts or reaching out to users on social media. Spicy Web will help you find customers who are already directly looking for your product. Spicy Web will also help you reach out to your customers before they are looking for your product.

Lets obtain direct action from your ideal customer.

Spicy Web has the awesome ability to create advertising campaigns designed specifically to drive your ideal customers to action. You will know exactly how many enquiries or sales have been generated as a direct result of our advertising strategies.

No lock in contracts

We do not make our clients sign lock in contracts, holding them to a fixed contractual term. If our clients are (hypothetically) not happy, they leave. It really is that simple. We aim to be as genuine and transparent with our clients as we possibly can. The world of digital advertising can be likened to the 'Wild West' and we like to think of ourselves as The Good Guys.

We'll put your brand or product in front of your target customer. It works, and we can prove it.
Tony Sambell, Director

Unlike traditional forms of advertising where you must outlay a sizeable investment and hope for the best it actually works, digital marketing allows you to only pay once a customer has clicked on your advert and visited your website, allowing you far greater control over spend.


Target only those users who are directly within your target market. We are able to target web users as they are directly searching for products & services. We can also reach out to users before they are directly searching


No more being entirely in the dark. We can provide you with real time data, telling you exactly how many how many leads or sales we have generated via your digital advertising. Digital advertising is advertising with accountability.

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Bring your customers to your brand, or bring your brand to your customers.