MacKillop Family Services.

Over our incredible 5-year partnership (and counting), Spicy Web has supported not-for-profit organisation MacKillop Family Services to create brighter futures for our community's most vulnerable children and families.


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Forging a Carer and Child Connection

MacKillop Family Services put families at the heart of their Foster Care mission; to provide a place for children where they are nurtured to develop to their full potential. Spicy Web has had the honour of supporting MacKillop Family Services since 2017 — leveraging our paid media expertise to drive foster care enquiries from throughout Australia.

Together, we've used Google Ads to drive foster care enquiries for vulnerable children


Foster care enquiries over the life of the campaign

↑ 52%

Increase in foster care leads over the past 12-months

5+ Years

Working together to deliver incredible outcomes


Who, Where, and How?

We leverage Google Ads to connect with MacKillop’s Foster Care target audience through location-targeted Responsive Search Ads. The locations are defined by MacKillop, and bound by the Foster Care governing body, so the campaign location settings are postcode-specific.

The goal of the Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) is to maximise enquiries from potential Foster Carers through trackable lead conversion actions on their website. Ads are optimised to serve in Google search results for a clear and specific set of defined intention keywords. The audience has a clear search intent and already knows that Foster Care is something that they are interested in… they’ve searched for it.

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Innovation & Evolution

We make informed decisions through extensive data analysis, leveraging insights to optimise campaigns, target the right audience segments, and maximise lead-generation. By combining technical innovation with the power of data, we continue to drive impressive growth and success for MacKillop Family Services, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in their digital marketing journey.

We're passionate about supporting families and children to thrive. Learn more about becoming a foster carer: