Ms Frankie.

Ms Frankie approached us to develop a paid social media advertising strategy with the goal to increase patronage at their vibey Italian restaurants in Cremorne and Carlton. Aside from their restaurant bookings, they wanted to drive event bookings—they had the space, but weren’t generating the lead enquiries they needed.


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Spicy Web x Ms Frankie Paid Social Ads

About Ms Frankie

Established in 2018, Ms Frankie has had to survive the disruption and challenges of Covid-19. Overcoming this hurdle in their formative years, Ms Frankie has had to defy all odds to continue to thrive amid the pressures of the global economic climate and cost of living pressures.

Like many hospitality businesses, the recovery from Covid was sluggish, so Ms Frankie approached Spicy Web to develop and deploy a paid social media advertising strategy to attract restaurant and event bookings.

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine these results!

In just two months, the campaign has delivered an incredible uplift in engagement, leads, and reservations

↑ 548%

Increase in restaurant bookings across both venues

↑ 1237%

Increase in event and reservation enquiries

↑ 182%

Increased website engagement rate

Ms frankie2
Spicy Web have been incredible in the development of our social media campaign. Their in-depth knowledge and research is exceptional and has helped further the growth of our business.
Wani Saks, Owner Ms Frankie

The Strategy: Who, Where, and How?

In the planning phase for the campaign, we identified a significant challenge: the restaurant booking platform lacked visibility into where leads and conversions were originating. This lack of tracking meant we were essentially flying blind, unable to optimise the campaigns effectively.

To resolve this, we implemented base code tracking, which allowed us to clearly identify the sources of leads, informing the iteration and optimisation for improved results.

Ms F social media ads

Addressing the Awareness Gap

Cremorne was lagging behind its sister restaurant, Carlton, primarily due to a lack of awareness and exposure. To address this, we developed a comprehensive full-funnel Meta ads strategy aimed at boosting Cremorne’s visibility and driving more traffic.

We leveraged the existing customer perception of great food and a great vibe, and niched down with a specific intent to increase corporate event bookings.

Crafting the Campaign

We ensured that the creatives and copy for the ads authentically reflected the unique vibe of the restaurant. Our strategy focused heavily on audience targeting, particularly for restaurant bookings. We employed location targeting, creating a radius around key areas, and affinity targeting, honing in on individuals interested in celebrating milestones, food, and drink.

For restaurant bookings, we targeted people attending events in the city, such as sports and theatre, who were either in or recently visited the location and had shown an interest in food and drink. This approach allowed us to connect with potential customers who were likely to be interested in what Cremorne had to offer.

We shifted the strategy from an organic post-boosting approach to one that provided a more efficient and effective investment and return.

Ms Frankie Carlton paid socials

Optimising Ad Spend

To avoid wasting ad spend, we excluded audiences who had previously engaged with the ad campaigns but had not converted. This refinement ensured the budget focused on reaching new, high-potential customers.

Previously, the social media advertising strategy lacked goal clarity, leading to inefficient ad spend without generating significant results or leads.

We shifted the strategy from an organic post-boosting approach to one that provided a more efficient and effective investment and return.

The Outcomes

By resolving tracking issues and implementing a targeted, full-funnel Meta ads strategy, we were able to significantly enhance Ms Frankie's visibility and drive more restaurant bookings and event enquiries than ever before... ensuring this pair of vibey Italian restaurants continue to flourish and sustainably grow despite the external economic challenges.