Heart-Led Planning.

Led by The University of Sydney, Heart-Led Planning is the result of a comprehensive research project investigating the support experience of people living with a disability in regional, rural, and remote areas of Australia. Spicy Web developed a meaningful visual brand identity and information website to help them share the results of their research and drive action toward practical change.


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Crafting a Meaningful Identity

When the team at the University of Sydney approached us, they were in the final stages of an incredibly important research project, investigating the quality of support for people living with a disability in regional and remote parts of our country.

While the research itself was crucial, the project had no identity. No public communications strategy. No clear pathway to ensure that this critical research would actually reach and connect with the broader public.

Our challenge was to take the findings from this important research program and translate them into a campaign that engages the core audience and inspires a movement for change.

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We felt heard and supported throughout the whole process. From reflecting the colours of the landscape in which our participants live, right through to the need for complete accessibility, the end product is better than we could have hoped for. It has been a pleasure to work with Spicy Web.
Dr Genevieve Johnsson, University of Sydney
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Reflecting Time & Place

The visuals that we developed have an intrinsic connection with the key project artwork created by Billy Kenda. The Heart, Head & Hand graphics become a key motif for the campaign. These graphics have a subtle hand drawn imperfection, again mirroring the key art. The colour palette that we developed for the identity is inspired by the tones of Australia’s regional, rural and remote landscapes.

Billy kenda art
⁕ Billy Kenda, Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists, Alice Springs, Northern Territory
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Brand identity design, custom website design and development, and graphic design by Spicy Web.