Healthy Mothers, Healthy Families.

Supported by the NDIS and the Association for Children with a Disability, Healthy Mothers Healthy Families is a not-for-profit research and education platform created and run by research teams within Monash University. The program exists as an education and empowerment platform for mothers of children with a disability.


  • Education
  • Health & Medical


  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Graphic Design
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Not-for-profit (NFP) Website Design & Development

With an existing website that was buggy, hard to use, and suffered a serious case of dated-design, we were thrilled at the opportunity to rebuild the HMHF platform from the ground-up. The project began with strategy sessions involving Spicy Web's design team along with program leaders at Monash University. During this phase, we sought to build a comprehensive understanding of the program background, structure and purpose, and began the process of reimagining how the platform could be modernised to encourage participation and engage users on a higher level.

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Design for a Core Audience

With a clear understanding of the strategic goals and program architecture, we began the process of defining how we could evolve the visual identity of the HMHF program. There were a number of important factors to consider; any graphics must be inclusive of race, body type, disability; due to the personal nature of the program, we could not reply on photographs (real images or stock images); finally, the look-and-feel of the program must support the core objective of appealing to women in our target audience.

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Working with Spicy Web on the new HMHF site has been a pleasure and an amazing experience. They were so responsive to our ideas and needs and delivered a much better website than I expected — all within budget.
Helen Bourke-Taylor PhD, HMHF Founder
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Finding Balance

We developed a new identity around the notion of 'Helping families to find their balance'. This provided a clear and grounded way to communicate what the program offers, and inspires a direct way to translate this in a visual way.

With the new visual identity in hand, we developed a detailed interface design that offers an intuitive process for users to navigate the online platform. The program itself includes vast amounts of written, video and downloadable content. We developed a system that allows for this to be easily accessed and consumed by users, as well as ensuring it is easily manageable by the program team using the website CMS (Craft CMS).

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Not-for-profit (NFP) branding, graphic design, and website design and development by Spicy Web.