FiveStarPro is changing the way trades do business. Currently in the start-up phase, the FiveStarPro platform aims to bring together leads, quote generation, customer communication and more for small and medium trade businesses. FiveStarPro streamlines the way that these trades manage their jobs so that they can focus on delivering a truly 'five-star' outcome for their customers.


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  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
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Bold. Distinct. Direct.

That was the brief that we were tasked when creating the brand identity for FiveStarPro. Our goal in undertaking the project was to craft a brand that communicates the product clearly to a defined audience with a no-nonsense approach, elevating the platform from a sea of job management products into a league of their own.

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Creating an Icon

At the core of the FiveStarPro brand is the 5-Point Star icon. This icon meets our ambition of any brand or logo design: distinct, memorable and simple — with the potential ubiquity in the vein of great brands like Apple, Nike, or McDonald's. This is paired with customised monospaced typography. The primary lockup takes a stacked approach, offering legibility and uniqueness.

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Familiar Innovation

In crafting the visual identity for FiveStarPro, care was given to capture a sense of familiar innovation. We took recognisable elements such as colour and language as a way to draw the audience in. The robust logo acts as an anchor for the identity which is brought to life through the extended visual system. Overall, the brand mirrors FiveStarPro's modern and easy-to-understand approach to leveraging technology for job management.

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