Access Asia Advisory.

Access Asia Advisory is a boutique advisory firm enabling Australian and New Zealand businesses to confidently access sustainable growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Access Asia Advisory tasked us with crafting a brand that speaks to the experience, confidence, and opportunity of their young firm.


  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Graphic Design
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Creating a Distinct Mark

The first crucial element of this identity was creating a logomark that is synonymous with trust, safety, and opportunity. The resulting logo is based on a shield containing the three A's of the business name with clear upward momentum. This brandmark achieves a sense of elevated approachability — both trustworthy and accessible.

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Developing a Brand Identity

Along with the core brandmark, we developed a robust design system that encapsulates a distinct colour palette, typography and general art direction. The resulting direction is refined and understated, allowing for clear and concise communication.

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Branding, graphic design, and website design and development by Spicy Web.