Cosight is leading a new approach to enterprise-level software systems. Cosight's 'Organisational Programming' methodology enables organisations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their structures, processes, and procedures through their cloud-based platforms.


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Forging New Ground

We created a bold visual identity to bring Cosight to an already crowded market in an impactful and durable way. A striking colour palette, animated illustrations, and considered typography convey their core offering — an opportunity to gain greater oversight over their business in a modular and adaptable manner.

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Built For Success

A responsive website opens with an eye-catching animation that visually underscores their core product offering. Quick scrolling reveals easy-to-understand text and graphics that clearly communicate the core functionality of their platform, while dynamic transitions and clear call-to-action encourages engagement.

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A clean and flexible website dives into the nuts and bolts of Cosight's unique offering, encouraging users to understand their platform as well as their team's capabilities in organisational programming. Engaging and understandable illustrative elements provide the core channel to communicating a complicated product in a way that is approachable and memorable.

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Branding identity design, custom website design and development, and graphic design by Spicy Web.