Fusion Power Systems.

Fusion Power Systems is the largest provider of critical infrastructure services in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Since engaging Spicy Web, they have seen an increase in the number of enquiries through Google Ads by over 346% with a conversion rate uplift of over 63%.


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  • Professional Services


  • PPC Advertising
  • Consulting
  • Advanced Analytics
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Project Background

As the largest provider of critical infrastructure services in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, Fusion Power Systems rely on a steady flow of qualified leads to drive their business. We identified a strong opportunity to utilise Google Ads to achieve a positive return on investment.

Key Challenges:
  • Attract the right audience in a competitive environment. Challenges included; low volume searches, high cost-per-click terms, and similar keywords across different audiences (i.e. B2C instead of B2B queries).
  • Create, structure and deploy multiple ads including ad copy and landing pages to reflect brand, model type, and service across multiple suppliers to decrease costs and increase conversions within a short period of time.
  • Track incoming enquiries by channel, campaign, ad group, and keyword level. Track and record incoming phone calls for value, quality and training purposes.
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In under six months, we’ve increased the number of enquiries through Google Ads by over 346% with a conversion rate uplift of over 63%

↑ 346%

Increase in number of
enquiries through Google Ads

↓ 58%

Decrease in cost per acquisition
in less than three months

↑ 63%

Increase in conversion rate
from paid search enquiries

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Our Strategy

When our partnership began, the main goal was to increase the return of investment towards paid search. No ads had been running for the previous six months in Fusion’s account and therefore, the historical data in that account was not only out of date but it was also missing important goal and conversion metrics and accurate data.

Our first step was to archive all previous campaigns and start from scratch by creating new ones, structured by current services and products offered. As our budget was limited, we made the decision to start with one campaign (service vertical) including multiple ad-groups in Victoria

Call Tracking & Audio Recording

To ensure we’re tracking all incoming phone calls through the web we’ve partnered with an external phone call tracking provider. Not only can we track any incoming phone calls 24/7 through the site, but also through which channel (SEO, Direct or CPC) including campaign and keyword details.

Switching from Manual PPC to Automated CPA Bidding

When starting to run search ads in November, all campaigns were set to target the maximum number of clicks based on the keywords, audience and locations set. After just over two months we had enough conversions to switch from manual pay-per-click to smart bidding with a target Cost-Per-Action. Not only did we increase the number of enquiries, but we also decreased the overall cost per conversion.

Highly Relevant Landing Pages Through TARS

In our strategy, the plan was to start with one generic campaign and create a second campaign to enable as many brand and model-based ads within a short period of time. With our in-house developed tool TARS (Templated Advert Repetition Software) we’ve created hundreds of ad-groups and ads within a single day. Besides highly relevant ads we also made sure that when a user is clicking through any of our TARS ads to get forwarded to a dynamically generated landing page. That landing page displays the brand and model with either sales or service

Since engaging Spicy Web, we’ve seen our digital growth explode. From the outset, their team have taken a hands-on approach to overhaul our paid search campaigns which has resulted in rapid improvements to ROI
Anthony Violi, Chairman & Founder, Fusion Power Systems