Top Takeaways from Digital Connect 2023.

News — In their quest to support growth and sustainability in our local business community, Frankston Business Collective approached Spicy Web to deliver a digital marketing information session, designed to help businesses grow. 🌱

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In their quest to support growth and sustainability in our local business community, Frankston Business Collective approached Spicy Web to deliver a digital marketing information session, designed to help businesses grow.

The opportunity to strengthen our local community really aligned with our Good Work for Good People purpose, so our team gathered together to create an event that really packed a punch 👊

Our subject matter experts — Tony, UD, Jase, and Pia — unpacked some of our go-to digital marketing tactics to help businesses connect, engage and convert to scale for growth, providing their insights and know-how on PPC, SEO, and SMM:

👉 How to drive Google Ads for real results
👉 The Top 5 SEO Factors that influence your website rankings
👉 How to use remarketing to drive conversions


Congratulations to our lucky door prize winner, Susan from Showbiz Dance who has won a complete digital audit, including SEO, Website Landing Page, and Social Media.

It was wonderful to see so many local businesses eager to take away as much information as possible, and there was no shortage of questions submitted in the ‘no-questions-off-limits’ Q&A session.

Our audience submitted so many fantastic questions! Too many for us to answer in the time allocated, so we’ve put together a response to the ones that we didn’t get to on the day:

Is SEO or PPC ads better for a business just starting up?

If you’re needing results fast, then PPC (Google Ads) is the way to go. SEO is a long-term strategy that takes longer to yield results.

If you already have a website and need to scale your business quickly, then PPC is definitely going to give you the quickest return on your investment.

It’s a great idea to plan an SEO strategy for your website development. So if you’re not yet 'live' online — in the sense that you don’t yet have a website — then you should definitely prioritise SEO in the web design phase.

PPC and SEO actually complement each other. A business that has both PPC and SEO will have a greater presence on Google's first page in both the ‘Sponsored’/Paid results and the Organic results.

How can we use ChatGPT to increase web traffic?

If you are using ChatGPT to create content, It is really, really important to edit the content to make sure it is tailored to your business and service offerings (and edit American spelling!). Make it personalised.

Also keep in mind that there are a number of critical SEO factors that ChatGPT is simply unable to consider; such as internal links and backlinks.

I have been told that Google ads are not relevant and our marketing money should be put towards SEO, is this correct?

See the answer to Question 1… it all depends on what your objectives are.

Do you have any specific digital marketing campaigns for B2B companies?

Earlier this year, we made the decision to map out a marketing plan that aligned with our business objectives. It was probably the best thing we have ever done.

We conducted market research, competitor analysis, identified our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And, we workshopped to define our primary and secondary user personas — knowing where they are and how to connect with and engage them. Understanding all the ingredients that contribute to campaign success is key. Our marketing strategy directs all of the tactics in our marketing mix. For us, this includes demonstrating our expertise in digital marketing — Google Ads, SEO, and Paid Socials.

If you’d like to see some of the digital campaigns we’ve delivered for clients, here is a relevant case study:

Google Ads B2B strategy for our client Fusion Power Systems

In summary, our client needed to drive leads for their infrastructure services across Australasia. We worked with them to implement a B2B Google Ads Campaign that increased their enquires by more than 346% with a conversion rate uplift of over 63%.

What is a meta ads campaign?

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) provides access to Instagram and Facebook from one platform to allow advertisers to pay to reach users. You can advertise boosted posts, videos, photos, stories, messenger, carousel, slideshows, and more. Meta intelligence targets users based on location, demographics, and behaviours.

How do I make my landing page better?

Relevance is key here.

For ad campaigns, making sure your ad clicks through to a landing page that is relevant to the search query is pivotal. For example, if we're targeting our ads for the search term “Blocked Drains Near Me”, then make we need to ensure your ad is linked to a landing page that is for Unblocking Drains, not the generic home page or a different service offering like Hot Water Systems — this is not a good user experience and a waste of your time and money.

You need to make sure you structure your content in a way that makes sense to Google - there’s a logical hierarchical order that works to serve your site faster.

Make sure the user experience is a good one. Having separate pages for your particular service offerings not only makes for better organic results, but also makes the user experience more fluid.


Thank you Jeff Rogut and Frankston Business Collective for the invitation to support businesses in our local neighbourhood. We are really grateful for the opportunity to make a difference:

Thanks, Spicy Web for delivering such a valuable session and doing so much to support our local business community, leaving those in attendance with a fire in their bellies, ready to tackle the Digital Marketing beast in their own businesses.
Jeff Rogut - CEO Frankston Business Collective

What's next for Spicy Web?

We’re now in the process of planning our next event. Here’s a clue… it’s a bit of a mystery 🤔 If you're intrigued and would like to learn more, send us an email and we'll keep you in the loop.

See you at the next one!