Spicy Web Makes The 2020 Shortlist At The SEMrush Awards.

News — We're honored to have been selected as a finalist in the 2020 SEMrush Awards in four exciting categories

Posted by Spicy Web
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Despite the misgivings of 2020, it’s been a busy year for Spicy Web and we’re all the more grateful for it. One of the ways we were busy is that for the first time ever, Spicy Web entered one of the most prestigious digital marketing award events in Australia - the SEMrush Awards.

The SEMrush Awards celebrates the success of online marketing professionals in Australia, and although we couldn’t attend a physical ceremony, we had a blast getting together to celebrate the finalists and winners of this year’s event online. It was a great experience putting together case studies to showcase the hard work that resulted in many successful campaigns for our clients.

We’re proud to announce that Spicy Web has been shortlisted for the 2020 awards in four categories:

Online Presence Breakthrough

Utilising a holistic approach, we worked to establish a strong online presence and brand awareness of eCommerce business Highrise Bikes. Utilising transparent tracking, reporting and diverse campaign structures, Highrise Bikes saw clear-cut results in increased sales and enquiries for their products.

Best Low Budget Campaign

An experienced eCommerce business that rarely dabbled in digital marketing, Livefish decided to take the plunge with us and aim to increase their sales and visibility with Google Ads. With the power of new Smart Bidding solutions by Google and machine learning, this campaign was a huge success with over 7000% ROI over a few short weeks, on a small budget. It shows that it’s never too late or too competitive to begin digital marketing for an eCommerce business.

Best B2B Campaign

Using the power and innovation of Spicy Web’s own in-house software tool, TARS (Templated Advert Repetition Software), we achieved great success for Fusion Power Systems. Automation, Smart Bidding and more strategies combined to increase leads nationwide and bring about huge digital growth. This case study also highlights our commitment to staying focussed on the journey to helping our clients grow as a business and our flexibility in adjusting our strategies to do so.

Young Professional of The Year - Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott has been a valued member of Spicy Web for 5 years and we were so proud to see him on the shortlist as a recognised young digital marketing professional in the Australian industry. An integral part of the marketing team, he continues to lead many successful campaigns with focus and optimism, with a dash of innovation on the side as the creator of our in-house software tool, TARS.

At Spicy Web, getting outstanding results is standard but getting a small recognition as a finalist for this event was a true testament to our capabilities and our commitment to doing great work and building long-term relationships with our clients. This time next year, we’re aiming to keep breaking records, gain more recognition and bring home a well-earned award.

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