Templated Advert Repetition Software
Creating laser-focused experiences for your customers, wherever they are & whatever they're looking for

TARS is our way of making sure your users are confident you service their exact need, in their exact area. TARS allows us to create 1,000's of different adverts and targeting methods within Google Ads, to ensure that the advert and landing page are always directly related to the exact term that a user is searching for.

In short, if someone is searching for 'window installation Frankston' for example, we show the user an advert mentioning this suburb specifically, that then takes them to a unique page that also focuses on that suburb. This leaves the user with confidence that yes, you do in fact service that area, with the precise service they are looking for.

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TARS has been developed by Spicy Web to provide extremely user-focused advertising funnels, through Google Ads and organic search.

Using TARS, we're able to create a specific user experience for every product variation and location that's relevant to your business. Users understand which services you provide, and where you provided those services much more clearly when our methods are employed.

The bottom line is that you're much more likely to generate enquiries that convert into real customers.

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Target 1,000's of different locations or product variations

If you have a large service area or a large range of product variations that you offer to your customers, TARS can help make sense of it all. Taking users looking for one specific product, in one specific location, to a page that only talks about exactly what they were looking for.

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Pay less per click in your PPC campaigns

Because TARS creates such relevant user experiences that take your customers where they need to go, each and every time, Google rewards us! With a better overall quality score and relevant user experiences, you can drive more clicks to your website, for the same amount of money spent.

Never leave your customers guessing what your service is, or where you provide that service

Using TARS, you can be upfront to your customers, about the services you provide, and the locations you provide that service. If someone makes a search for 'tyre service in Frankston' and sees an advert that talks about exactly what they searched for, that takes them to a page that also talks about the same thing, they are filled with confidence that they are in the right place.

Can be used for any kinds of variations

TARS can be used for different service locations, different product models. or even different variations of products that your business offers.

Proven to drive growth

TARS has been instrumental in the growth of some of our core clients over time. Providing ultra-relevant user experiences, every step of the way.

Drive more organic traffic

Using TARS, we can generate unique content for your core service locations and products. We implement pages for each service location or product variant.

We spend more time on strategy

TARS is only one of our suite of tools we use to make ourselves less busy. Because we're not so busy chasing our tails, we have time to do what we do best, think strategically.