Google Shopping Masterclass in Sydney.

A quick recap of the Google Shopping Masterclass that was held in Sydney.

Posted by Spicy Web

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Google Shopping Masterclass held in Sydney. Google hosts these Masterclasses throughout the year for many of the different services they offer. Listening to the speakers—the Head of Performance Advertising for Google AUNZ, the Strategy and Insights Manager for Retail, Google Shopping Lead Manager and Shopping Product and Sales Activation Manager—there was so much passion and belief in Google Shopping being a service that can help retailers achieve their goals.

Google Shopping Masterclass Spicy Web

One of the first things that was said about Google Shopping in Australia is how we are lagging in availability in this service (we are catching up), leaving an opportunity for Australian retailers to jump on Google Shopping while it is still growing into it's enormous potential.

Online shopping is becoming a force to be reckoned with—there was over $20 billion spent online shopping last year. Retailers refusing to switch and embrace online will be left behind as technology evolves and becomes more integrated into our lives.

As a business, it is becoming harder to grow. The customers journey to purchase is becoming more and more complex. With so much information readily available at a click of a button, getting customers through the door or purchasing that order is harder than ever. We are now competing against a customer’s best experience. Cue Google Shopping to step in.

Google shopping allows customers to browse multiple brands for certain products (a feature the consumer has become accustomed to e.g. comparing hotel websites). Google shopping helps to drive traffic to your brand whether the consumer is aware of the brand or not. Provided that the information provided to Google is correct, the leads that will come in will be of a higher quality with a higher intent to purchase.

The enemy of growth is continuing to do what we have always done. So embrace technology and change to help grow your business in today’s environment.