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We recently hosted a Google Partners event in our office.

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Google Partners Event

A big thanks to all the new and familiar faces who joined us recently for the Google Partners Connect event.

Here were the speakers at the event:

John Ball
Director of SMB, Google Australia & New Zealand
How small businesses are succeeding on the web
John will discuss how the web is changing the marketplace that small businesses compete in today, and share current insights, inspirational stories, and actionable ideas to help your business take advantage of the online opportunity.

Jonathan Richards
Team Lead, Google Creative Lab, Google Australia & New Zealand
Why innovation matters and tips for driving new ideas in your business
Jonathan will discuss the growing need for businesses to be nimble and responsive in today’s ever-changing economy. He will cover Google’s approach to innovation, share stories behind some recent experimental projects at Google, and offer his tips to set up your business to be one step ahead.

Jenay Karlson
Agency Development Manager
Maximise your business online today
Jenay will give a roadmap any business can take to be found online and win new customers. She will cover how to get a presence on Google Search and Maps for free, optimise your site for all devices, measure and analyse how people interact with your site and introduce Google’s marketing products.

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