A New Site for Spicy Web.

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Spicy Web — New Website 2015

After many months of planning and tinkering, we are proud to finally launch our new website.

With lots of exciting changes to Spicy Web over the past 12 months, it was time for us to re-evaluate our website to more accurately reflect our design principles in the work we do for our clients.

We determined that our website needed to better reflect our own philosophy on design; to strip back unnecessary information until the core message is communicated with clarity and thoughtfulness.

With the addition of talented team members, this was a great opportunity to refine and reiterate, and to implement custom technical features.

We also placed a greater emphasis on projects in our portfolio. Again, getting to the core of what Spicy Web does — great websites. We needed to let our work do the talking. We’re immensely proud of our portfolio, and wanted to show our projects in greater detail and with more context.

We hope that our new site better presents our services, but also gives clients insight into our approach and process. While each and every project is approached and created independently, we always strive for simplicity in design, clear communication, and effective messaging.