Google Ads Grants for Charities + Not For Profits.

Article — Are you a charitable or not-for-profit organisation that is not yet taking advantage of the Google Ads Grants program? We need to chat.

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Are you a non-profit organisation looking to expand your reach and get your message out to a larger audience? Look no further than the Google Ad Grants program.

It’s a little-known fact that Google offers significant paid marketing credits for charitable and not-for-profit organisations looking to communicate to their target audiences.

Below, we’ll explain what the Google Ad Grants program is, how you can check if you’re eligible, and how we as an agency can help you apply.

What is the Google Ad Grants program?

The Google Ad Grants program is a unique opportunity for not-for-profit organisations to receive up to $13,000 (!) ad-spend credit per month. The program is designed to help these organisations promote their messages and services to a global audience. Essentially, it's a way to get your organisation's message in front of more people without having to spend a dime.

Is my organisation eligible for the Google Ad Grants program?

To qualify for the Google Ad Grants program, your organisation must be a non-profit charitable organisation that is in good standing.

Additionally, you must meet the eligibility requirements in your country. In Australia the following eligibility rules apply:

  • Not a governmental entity or organisation

  • Not a hospital or healthcare organisation

  • Not a school, academic institution, or university

How can Spicy Web help?

As an agency, we can help you apply for the Google Ad Grants program. We’ll work with you to ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements.

These requirements include:

  • Accurate location settings configuration

  • At least two unique site links and ad assets

  • Maintaining a minimum 5% click-through rate for two consecutive months

  • Setting up tracking conversion for your account.

Spicy Web has a strong track record of working with charities and not-for-profits to drive traffic and action for both campaign-specific and broader brand awareness marketing efforts.

By entrusting these responsibilities to Spicy Web, you can rest assured that your Google Ads account is optimised for success and reaching the right audience. Our team is experienced in creating effective Google Ads campaigns, and we’ll use our experience to help your organisation succeed.

How to apply for the Google Ads Grants program

Google Ad Grants program is a fantastic opportunity for non-profit organisations to expand their reach and promote their messages to a global audience. If you think your organisation might be eligible for the program, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you get started.