Key Strategies for Google Search Ads Success.

Insights — Our Google Ads specialist, Utkarsh Devrani (UD), lists the most crucial strategies to consider for Search Ads success 🪄

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Search Ads campaigns (often referred to as Google Ads, Pay-per-Click, PPC, Adwords, Paid Media, or Digital Advertising) is a stand-out performer for businesses aiming to capture online traffic and drive conversions.

Ensuring that your campaign not only appears for relevant search terms but also delivers cost-effective results is super important. So, how do you navigate the vast expanse of data and strategies in this complex landscape effectively?

Below, our Google Ads specialist, UD, lists the most crucial strategies to consider for Search Ads success.

1. Account Structure

The foundation of any successful Search Ads campaign lies in the account structure. Carefully organising campaigns based on their functions, such as targeting specific search queries or leveraging Google's automation for broader keywords, can help to optimise your ad spend and maximise returns.

Understanding each campaign's distinct role and function is key to effectively channeling resources.

2. Keywords

Robust keyword research serves as the compass guiding your campaign to success. Identifying keywords with not only high search volumes but also a likelihood to convert is essential. By honing in on these targeted terms, your ads can reach the most relevant audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

3. Keyword Match Types

A common pitfall in Search Ads campaigns is mismanaging keyword match types. A seemingly minor oversight, such as omitting quotation marks around a keyword, can drastically alter your campaign performance. While broad match keywords may cast a wide net, they often result in useless clicks, zero sales, and wasted ad spend. Using match types like phrase match ensures that your ads appear for contextually relevant searches, optimising your ad spend and enhancing campaign performance.

4. Quality Score

Google's quality score serves as a barometer of your ad's relevance to a specific search query. By aligning keywords, ad copy, and landing pages, you can boost your quality scores, which in turn improves your ad visibility and reduces your cost-per-click (CPC).

A high-quality score not only enhances ad placement but also signifies a more efficient allocation of resources, yielding a higher return on investment (ROI).

5. Integration and Optimisation

Ultimately, success in Search Ads hinges on the pragmatic integration of all campaign components. From account structure to keyword selection, ad creation, and bid management, every facet must work well together to achieve best performance outcomes.

And equally as important are your post-click elements such as landing page design, compelling offers, and competitive pricing to improve your chance of converting leads into customers.

Understanding the synergy of all these elements is key for crafting profitable campaigns.


Mastering Search Ads requires a holistic approach that encompasses meticulous planning, strategic execution, and continuous optimisation. By adhering to best practices in account structure, keyword management, match types, and quality score optimisation, you can unlock the full potential of Search campaigns and drive sustainable business growth.

Author: Utkarsh Devrani

Author of article: UD Devrani, Google Ads Specialist.
With a broad spectrum of agency experience, UD has specialised in all facets of digital marketing, in particular Search Ads.

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