Why You Should Care About Your Brand.

You should care about your brand because your customers care about your brand.

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A considered brand indicates a business with experience, care, and authority — but most of all, it shows a level of professionalism and confidence in the product or service you offer. Your brand is key to the positioning of your business in the market, so a time and financial investment is essential.


A brand is much more than just a logo. Every time you communicate with your customers (potential or existing), you are extending your brand. We like to break branding into three components;

  • Visual — logo, colour scheme, office or retail fitout
  • Written — copywriting, key messaging, even the way your staff interact with customers
  • Product/Service — the product or service itself, and how you feel it sits in the marketplace — the “vibe” — is it boutique? is it pragmatic? is it for mass consumption or specialist?


Every business should find the best avenues to communicate with their customers. It’s important to remember that the branding process is completely different for every case. A strong product or service, with clear and consistent on-brand messaging will build your customer base faster than any other avenues. This can easily be achieved with a strong web presence and concise brand.


A bit of a cliche, but let's look at Apple as an example of a business that takes a wholistic approach to branding. Everything from their visual design through to their product design, to their store design, and even the way in which their staff are trained to communicate with customers. All of these aspects are carefully crafted to create an experience above and beyond that of any competitors.


While Apple no doubt invest seriously in their brand, a small business can quite easily take on these lessons at a much smaller financial scale. Developing a brand strategy can be surprisingly simple. If your product or service is strong, it's simply a case of understanding and realising what makes you unique, and developing the simplest and clearest ways to communicate that message to your customers.


One important caveat to keep in mind when branding your business is that your personal tastes might not be what is best for your brand. Finding a balance between a visual design you can stand behind, and a visual design that can accurately represent your brand and place you in the best position in the market is essential. Trust your instincts, but also trust the experts around you.

Your brand should be more of a burden on your brain than on your finances. You should care about your brand because your customers care about your brand. If you can project trust and care in your product or service, your customers will take notice.

We at Spicy Web believe that branding and good design is integral to the success of any website, and impart these branding priciples at every step of the process. Want to know more? Let’s talk.