Google Ads: How we grew revenue by $278k per month in just 6 months.

Results — Our national Mobile Mechanic client had a very ambitious growth objective for his service-based business. Quantifying lead value was a challenge, so we developed an innovative tracking tool to identify high-quality leads and their value to inform the campaign strategy and amplify growth.

The results are phenomenal.

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Our service-based, national mobile mechanic client was sharing ad spend across multiple campaigns and was reliant on Google Search data metrics alone to inform their Google Ads strategy.

While the default metrics within Google Ads clearly track how many leads Search Campaigns receive, our client needed real sales revenue data to inform and drive growth.

We implemented our proprietary Conversion Loop technology to identify high-quality leads and their value to inform and optimise campaigns.

In six months, we increased sales revenue by $278k per month using Google Ads.

↑ $278k

Increased monthly revenue
from $465k to $743k
using Google Paid Search

↑ $1,100

Increased average
value per job from
$750 to $1,100

    ↑ 780

    Increased number of
    jobs per month from
    500 to 780

    Our Strategy:

    Developed in-house by the skilled Website Developers at Spicy Web, we implemented Conversion Loop tracking to see exactly how many leads turned into sales, pinpoint which campaigns were generating the sales, measure the value of those sales, and then optimise ad performance to amplify results.

    ⚙️ Campaign Structure for Agility:

    Ad groups and campaigns were structured for precise geo-targeting and ad schedule agility to target customers who are ready to commit.

    📝 A/B Creatives & Copy:

    A/B ad copy and assets were tested and optimised with Conversion Loop data providing revenue insights to the top-performing headlines, descriptions, and assets.

    🛬 Landing Page Personalisation:

    Through Dynamic Text Replacement, we enhanced the user experience with content tailored precisely to the user's search term. This landing page personalisation increased campaign conversion rates.

    🌍 Geo-targeting High Performing Locales:

    Postcode-specific location settings for high-performing suburbs coupled with Location Insertion Ad Headlines personalised search results, increasing ad relevance.

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    We were able to delve deeply into performance data from Campaign to Ad level and use this data to inform and optimise ad performance to grow revenue more efficiently for our client.

    The results we achieved with this campaign were transformational.