How we used SEO to drive 152% growth in revenue for one of Australia’s leading auto-parts eCommerce Retailers.

Article — After a new website launch saw their organic rankings plummet 📉 Racer Industries came to Spicy Web for help. The result is an award-winning campaign 🏎️ that far exceeded their expectations and has lead to incredible growth 🌿 for their business.

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Organic Search Rankings Plummet

Racer Industries is the largest direct importer of race parts in Australia, supplying customers from club racers to V8 Supercars with quality parts and service.

Predominantly a B2B professional motorsport automotive parts business, Racer Industries saw their next opportunity for rapid growth in the B2C market, targeting hobby race car and go-kart drivers who needed quality automotive parts… delivered fast.

Key to their overall growth strategy saw them invest in their online presence. At the core of this strategy was a brand-new website built by a third-party developer. What they hadn’t anticipated was the huge rankings drop as a result of the new website launch — a more than 75% drop in organic rankings.

Racer Industries engaged Spicy Web to shift gears with a laser-focused SEO strategy to get them back on the podium.

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Podium-Finish Results

From day one, we set clear and definitive goals;

  1. Increase monthly organic traffic to 6000+ users (per month) within 12 months
  2. Achieve a ROAS of greater than 5.0 within 12 months

The results of the campaign over that period have been phenomenal.


Organic Traffic yielded 7084 p/Month users in September 2022, exceeding the target goal of 6000 users p/Month by a staggering 1084 users.


Exceeding the target ROAS by 1.38

The Racer Industries ‘From Last to Podium Finish’ campaign accelerated growth, allowing Racer to stake a claim in the B2C market, reinforcing their growth strategy.

The laser-focused SEO strategy has delivered on both campaign goals early (at the 9-month mark), delighting Racer management, who have now fast-tracked (pun intended!) their goal to expand their B2C offering nationally.

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So, how did we get there?

To break into the B2C market and meet the key campaign objectives, Spicy Web undertook an extensive discovery process that identified core growth areas to guide the strategy roadmap for the project. A comprehensive website audit and technical SEO health check was performed, uncovering the following pressure points;

  • Custom CMS website built by Maropost Commerce Cloud — a B2B and B2C multi-channel platform that made it difficult to implement technical SEO

  • An extensive range of over 30,000 products

  • An adhoc site structure

  • Category pages with no content or on-page optimisation

  • Duplicate page titles

  • A 76% drop in top 100 keyword positions from June to August 2021

Spicy Web recognised the need to structure the library of products logically to ensure a positive user experience while improving category content and organic results.

To attract its target audience, the biggest growth areas were identified with thorough research and keyword planning to ensure target keywords were relevant, product based, and with transactional intent.

To retain its new target audience, it was critical to ensure the process was fluid and logical to deliver a positive user experience, encourage return traffic, added sales, and build brand loyalty.

Implementing a Successful SEO Campaign

Semrush was used comprehensively in the implementation of the SEO strategy, with the technical site audit, domain overview, and keyword magic tool used to guide the implementation.

  • On-page SEO was implemented and technical fixes delivered, such as duplicated content, deferring scripts and preloaded assets above the fold core vitals to optimise site speed.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) related keywords were used in content to improve results, along with optimising schema markup to earn more first page Google real estate.
  • A backlink audit was conducted to inform and disavow removal of toxic backlinks.
  • Content hubs were created with internal linking back to pillar parent content.

We cleverly used the check mark emoji in the meta descriptions to highlight selling propositions that are important to the target audience; Race Wear, Fast Delivery, and 30 Day Returns. “Online Store” was used within Titles to assist targeting keyword variations of “race suits” such as “racing suits”. We used product schema images to amplify the product/s in the highly sought SERP results real estate.


Other Noteworthy Outcomes

  • February 2022 vs February 2023 Spicy Web increased Racer Industries organic revenue by 152%

  • +348% increase in keywords ranking in the top 100 — 1808 keywords in Nov 2021 vs 8106 keywords in September 2022

  • +2327% in keywords ranking in the top 3–11 — November 2021 vs September 2022

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