Conversion Loop
Closing the loop between Google Ads & Your CRM

Conversion Loop is an advanced digital ad attribution tool, that provides valuable insights when linked with call tracking and a business CRM. Conversion Loop allows you to see exactly how many of the enquiries generated by your PPC campaigns turned into sales. We can pinpoint which campaigns are generating sales — not just enquiries — allowing you to spend money where it counts.

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Conversion Loop has been developed by Spicy Web to provide an eCommerce-level of accuracy for businesses that sell their products or services by generating enquiries online.

Conversion Loop is our answer to the constant struggles associated with tracking the return on investment of digital advertising campaigns. Campaign attribution has been a complex problem that has plagued marketers for all of time. We aim to close that gap by taking online campaign attribution to the next level, allowing campaign managers to make smarter decisions with their budgets in funnelling funds where they are most profitable.

We can finally answer the question, where did that phone call come from? or what happened to all of those enquiries we generated?

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Refine Your Enquiries

Default tracking tools within Google Ads is able to clearly track how many enquiries your campaigns received. Conversion Loop takes this one very important step further, identifying high-quality enquiries and their value, allowing you to refine your campaigns and weed out the 'tyre kickers'.

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Detailed Reporting

Conversion Loop closes the 'loop of confusion' and allows us to see exactly how many enquiries and actual sales were generated by any given campaign, giving you a far greater understanding of the success (or lack thereof) for particular strategies. We can even create reporting from historical data.

Shed light on which online campaigns are delivering valuable leads

Not all enquiries are created equal, that's why we've put a huge emphasis on tracking true value, not superficial metrics. The ability to identify the leads and subsequent sales from a particular campaign is something that has been invaluable for our clients. We can then see the percentage of leads that converted, per campaign and over time.

Works with any CRM

We've built our reporting system to work with any CRM you could be using. Simply send us the data, and we'll do the rest.

Integrates with Phone Tracking

Conversion Loop, when coupled with an advanced third-party phone tracking platform, is incredibly powerful. We can even see insights from organic or referral leads and sales.

Proven to be Effective

Conversion Loop has been developed with several key clients, all with unique needs, to see actual ROI numbers for their campaigns.

Works with Large Sales Cycles

Even if your product takes several months to sell after the initial enquiry, Conversion Loop still attributes this sale back to the campaign that created the enquiry.