Approval, Launch & Training

The Blueprint for a Successful Web Project

You've invested your time and capital collaborating with Spicy Web Designers on creating the perfect website. Every pixel has been deliberated upon, every piece of content crafted with precision. Now, it's time to launch. This process isn’t just about hitting the 'publish' button.

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Approval, Launch & Training

A website launch is more than just a technical process; it's a culmination of hard work, vision, and collaboration. And like any finale, it deserves meticulous preparation, a touch of anticipation, and a sprinkle of celebration. So, are you ready to launch?

Final Site Testing by Project Team

Before going live, the project team takes on the role of diligent gatekeepers. Every aspect of the site undergoes rigorous testing. Think of this as the dress rehearsal before the grand performance.

  • Functionality: Does every button work? Do the links lead where they should?
  • Responsiveness: How does the site look on different devices? Is it mobile-friendly?
  • User Experience: Are the navigation and layout intuitive? Is the content engaging?
  • SEO: Are all the meta tags in place? Is the content optimized for search engines?

    Client Provides Launch Approval

    Once the project team gives the thumbs up, it's over to you. Your feedback is invaluable. If there's any aspect of the site that doesn't resonate with your vision, now is the time to voice it.

      Website Launch

      With your approval, we publish your website. We point our server to your domain DNS and in a matter of hours, your new site will be live.

        Project Team Provides CMS Training

        Post-launch, the project team at Spicy Web ensures that you're well-equipped to manage and update your website with ease. How, you ask? Through comprehensive CMS training.

        • Empowerment: You're given the tools and knowledge to take charge of your site.
        • Flexibility: Learn to make real-time updates, ensuring your content is always fresh.
        • Independence: No need to rely on external help for minor changes.


          Why is pre-launch testing crucial for a website launch?

          Pre-launch testing ensures that the website is free from glitches, optimized for all devices, and provides a seamless user experience, ensuring a successful website launch.

          Can I make changes post-launch?

          Absolutely! With CMS training provided by Spicy Web, you'll be equipped to make updates and changes to your site post-launch.

          How do I ensure my website remains updated post-launch?

          With the CMS training provided, you can keep your website updated. However, periodic reviews and potential collaborations with teams like Spicy Web can ensure it remains top-notch.