With a decade of experience designing and building custom websites, we know that the early stages of research, planning, experimentation and collaboration are essential to a successful project.

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Deeper Insights

Discovery allows us to take a deep-dive into your organisation. We find out what is and isn't working. We research your competitors. We take a ground-up approach to gain a clear understanding of what your website needs to succeed online.

Key Deliverables

At the end of the Discovery process — following our stakeholder workshops, research, and concepting — you are presented with a fully realised website design, complete with structure, functionality document, and itemised budget.

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Audience & Business Objectives
We delve deep to understand your audience and business objectives to ensure that the website we design not only looks great, but also performs and drives results. 
Brand Positioning
Throughout every Discovery process, we make sure that your brand stacks up against your competitors, ensuring that the entire project is cohesive and effective.
Practical Technology
We user the Discovery process to understand how we can leverage cutting edge technology to improve the user experience, but also to ensure that it has practical impacts.
Budget & Timeline
The Discovery process allows us to strategise, design, and build a website that maximises the results for any timeline and budget.

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