Alastair coleman

Alastair Coleman.
Head of Growth.

Back in 2001, whilst completing his second year at university, Alastair was at the coalface of an emerging technology called The Internet. Everyone he spoke to wanted a website, so he taught himself how to build them from the ground-up. Word of mouth grew and grew and he never had to look for a job. Work simply came to him. Fast forward 19 years and Alastair has met and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, from home business startups to national brands. He has witnessed the rise of the mobile device and how consumer behaviour has changed from knowing nothing about the web, to a total mobile-first dependency on most of the world's population.

Alastair is a consultative person by nature and enjoys identifying opportunities, planning, theorising and conceptualising with each client. His deep understanding of the digital domain helps invigorate discussions with valuable insights, new ideas and ultimately great outcomes for all of his clients. As Spicy Web's Head of Growth, he thrives on getting people the results they are after. Solving challenges and exploring opportunities excites him and his passion for digital is instilled into those around him.