The YouTube Guru Program.

News — The YouTube Guru Program: Great, so we're now YouTube Gurus. What on earth does that mean?

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Spicy Web Youtube Guru Agency Frankston

First. What is the YouTube Guru program?

The YouTube Guru program was designed by Google to identify and nurture YouTube advertising evangelists within the existing network of Google Partner Agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Through exclusive training, selected Agencies will have a chance to get first-hand access to product updates and best practices directly from YouTube experts at Google.

What did it involve?

We joined a select group of 20 agencies hand-picked by Google to come to their HQ in Sydney for a 2-day intense program. Here's a preview of what went down:

Day one:

Video: Your Next Growth Engine
Taking Video from Action to Attention
Power of Video within User Journey
Driving Performance through Video

Day two:

Value Proposition of Video — The Why
Learn about the Full Suite — The What
Measurement and Reporting

Key Take away's for clients

YouTube has unparalleled viewer ATTENTION, and the audience REACH to back it up. The adverts on the YouTube platform are performing higher than any other platform. YouTube has 93% Ad Viewability and 95% Ad Audibility. Viewability measures whether or not an ad had a chance to be SEEN by a user, whereas Audibility whether or not an ad had a chance to be HEARD by a user measures.

YouTube Views Data

New + Improved Ways to reach the right people on YouTube.

YouTube now has the ability to reach people during major life milestones when purchasing behavior changes. These major life milestones include, getting married or even moving. Imagine, your business has an awesome video about your amazing wedding venue, what if you could easily show this to YouTube users who are recently engaged?

New Short "bumper ads"

It turns out our attention span, in general, is slipping somewhat. In 2013 the average human attention span slipped to just 8 seconds overall, that's one second less than a goldfish! Source:

Google's answer to this goldfish phenomena is 6-second adverts. These brand new 'bumper ads' have proven to be very effective! Bumper Ads have roughly +78% more reach plus more frequency at a lower overall Cost*. (when Bumper Ads were added to an in-stream campaign.) 9 out of 10 bumper ads drove a significant lift in 'ad recall' in an ad study of over 600 Bumper Advert campaigns, with an average lift of +38%. Source: YouTube Internal Data, Global, 2016.

I could probably go on for days about how amazing YouTube is and how it is an untapped advertising platform for businesses. We are excited to be part of this elite YouTube Guru program.

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