We Have Evolved → Google Premier Partner.

Spicy Web’s long standing relationship with Google has recently evolved.

Posted by Spicy Web

Please excuse the Pokemon’ reference, but the premise is true. Spicy Web is currently ranked #8 within the Australian Google partner’s community. This rating is created based on the amount of AdWords certified individuals present within our organisation, the quality of our work & the amount of clients we manage.

What does it all mean basil?

Please excuse yet another reference (I’ll let you work this one out on your own). All of this Google Partnering over the years has obviously pleased the enormous company, allowing Spicy Web (us) to gain a new status as not only a Google Partner, but a Google Premier Partner.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

A Google Premier Partner is a specific Google Partner, that has been identified to provide an excellent quality of service towards a diverse range of clients. A Premier Partner can be considered the best of the best, as far as digital marketeres are concerned. 'Premier Partners' is a figurative 'Top Gun' school for digital marketers throughout the world.

There are many Google Partners we hear you say, how is Spicy Web different?

Our core point of difference lies within our direct to client transparency. We do not charge based on an amount of Google spend, we charge simply via time taken to manage a client’s account, based on a fixed hourly rate. This is beneficial to our clients as it helps create an atmosphere of trust. Our clients can rest assured that we have no incentive to recommend a higher spend with Google. This core point, coupled with the obvious quality of our work that is now reflected through our new status as a Google Premier Partner set us apart from many large, corporate style agencies that lack transparency.

Why should you care about all of this?

You should care about our new status as a Google Premier Partner because we care. Being a Google Partner is fun and the organisation strictly takes care of its Partner agencies.