We're an Official Craft CMS Partner Agency.

News — At Spicy Web, our journey with Craft CMS dates back to its early days, earning us recognition as an official Craft CMS partner. Our relationship with Craft began in 2015, and it has remained our preferred CMS ever since.

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Craft cms partner agency

Evolving with Craft

Over the years, our use of Craft CMS has evolved alongside the platform itself. What initially began with simple brochure sites has now transformed, maximising the advanced capabilities of Craft CMS into all of our new projects.

Our expertise has become so highly regarded that a significant portion of our business involves supporting other agency's Craft CMS website development projects.

Our talented team of developers are accomplished contributors of plugins sought after by Craft CMS users worldwide, including Neo, one of the most popular Craft plugins of all time.

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Craft: The Perfect Fit

As one of Australia's leading website development agencies, we’ve used our fair share of website Content Management Systems over the years.

From the outset, we knew that Craft was a standout CMS, and every project we've undertaken since then has been built on Craft.

Benefits for Clients and Developers

One of the features of Craft CMS is its ability to cater precisely to each project's requirements without compromising on quality or resorting to workarounds. Our clients appreciate the superior performance of their websites, delivering tangible results for their businesses, coupled with an intuitive CMS that empowers them to manage their site content independently thanks to the user-friendly interface and reliability.

230+ Craft CMS Projects

We've built more than 230 Craft CMS websites, so we know the intimate capabilities and incredible outcomes that this platform delivers. We’ve even managed to accrue some distinguished industry recognition along the way.

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