Reflections of a Spicy Web Intern: Zach.

Reflections of a Spicy Web Intern — Our recent intern Zach put pen to paper to detail his experience at Spicy Web.

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My internship at Spicy Web. Where to start. Well firstly I’d like to thank Tony Sambell, who is just some irrelevant guy who got me an internship here, I’d like to say a big thank you for having me on board and I really appreciate the opportunity. Tony is a great bloke and knows how to run a business that focuses on great team culture which in turn, I believe, gets positive results.

The offices here are great. It’s a place for creativity and strategy and the environment really works in a way of getting the work you do here get done.

I have loved the independence and the ability to work and be responsible for different things. If you get the opportunity to work as an intern here, you won’t be put on any cliché tasks like getting coffee, its work that’s actually important, which goes a long way in training you right the way for the work you’ll eventually do in the future.

I’ve learned a lot of things since being here. I developed my knowledge of Google Ads, SEO and copywriting. The skills I have learned in these areas will help me in my future career and for that, I am grateful. All the knowledge I have gained from this will be valuable in a career linked with marketing and will give me an added advantage to others.

Having only completed one online training course about Google Ads prior and with little experience or knowledge, I picked Google Ads up pretty quickly, as Tracy was kind enough to explain things to me, which helped. I enjoyed writing an ad and then later seeing it on a Google search for the account. The responsibility is definitely the most enjoyable part about working at Spicy Web due to the fact that it means you are working on something by yourself.

Everyone at the office are among the friendliest people I’ve met so settling won’t be a problem. Try and speak to everyone about what they do and their role in the business.

David helped me out a lot with what I was studying and doing on the side for a website, so I want to thank him as well.

All and all, my experience at Spicy Web has been really great and will be missed. It will definitely help me in my future career as the skills I have learned here will be very valuable.

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