Farewell AdWords, Hello Google Ads.

Farewell AdWords, Hello Google Ads — Google has decided it was time to say goodbye to AdWords and welcome Google Ads, but did anyone actually notice? And what does it mean for you?

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AdWords is an integral part of our online marketing strategies and processes at Spicy Web, but many clients and businesses in general have hardly ever called it AdWords. Most people called it Google Ads, because that’s what they essentially were and continue to be, but now in a more official fashion.

Launched 18 years ago with the simple purpose of helping people connect online with businesses, AdWords has continued to grow due to the growing complexity of modern mobile online connectivity. Over the years, AdWords evolved to help marketers connect with people at every step of the consumer journey with the added capabilities of display ads, video campaigns and more.

As a result of all these new programs and abilities, Google has made a big step to make things as simple and straight-forward as their program began. This new branding will commence at the end of this month, including the release of some exciting new online advertising solutions aimed to suit the needs of advertisers and publishers of every shape and size

Meet Google Ads

Google Ads will become the new brand representing the full range of advertising capabilities AdWords previously offered. Google aims to allow marketers to reach the billions of people browsing the web and looking for answers easily and efficiently. The full range includes search advertising, video advertising on YouTube, discovering apps on Google Play, exploring new places on Google Maps and browsing content across the web and many more possibilities.

The new technology that will be launched is a new campaign type called Smart Campaigns, designed for small businesses to get them the best results with less of the dirty work. This new campaign type will be very useful for us to look after our clients on Google Ads, and will give us some great data to come up with successful marketing strategies to gain even better results.

Meet Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform is the combination of two programs: DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite. You may not have ever heard of these programs but marketers in enterprise marketing teams do and encouraged this collaboration because it has been shown that using ads and analytics technology together can have real benefits. This new platform combines these technologies to help marketers manage their digital media and customer experiences in the one spot. This also applies to the new combination of Display and Video 360 which will allow the collaboration between creative and executive teams. What was once quite complex, is no longer.

Meet Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is another great combination of two programs and is the ultimate platform that unifies DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. This will allow publishers to manage their businesses simply and efficiently, to meet the constant evolution of how content is monetized.

What it does it all mean for you?

While this new branding might come as complex if you didn’t already know how many programs Google had (which agencies like Spicy Web used), never fear. There will be little to no change because these changes just make what we do a little easier and more organized.