Custom or Templated Websites: What’s the Difference?

Templates force you to manipulate the look and feel of your brand to fit within its bounds.

Posted by Spicy Web
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Before we embark on our noble quest against templates, what exactly are they?

A templated website can be described as: "A run-of-the-mill lump of code".

A template based website is essentially a pre-designed webpage, or set of HTML webpages that anyone can use to "plug-in" their own content and images, to create a website.

Why are templates 'bad'?

One size doesn't fit all unfortunately.

Templates force you to manipulate the look and feel of your brand to fit within its bounds. This is far from ideal, and your brand can easily be miscommunicated to your end user base.

What are custom designed websites?

A custom site is solely designed to communicate the core meaning behind your brand. Your brand is entirely unique, so it is important to ensure the medium used to communicate the core meaning of your brand is unique also.

A unique look to match your unique brand

Users judge your brand within the first 50ms of being on your site. This judgement is 94% based on the visual appeal of your site, so why would you compromise the essence of your brand to fit within a template?

Custom websites are friendlier to search engines

Custom built sites are typically very friendly to search engines (due to their incredibly unique content). We at Spicy Web often use this opportunity to integrate with specialist teams of SEO experts, giving us precise control over your search engine appearance.

A custom built site can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Your website will be the only one if it's type on the internet. This means that your custom website, is much more likely to communicate the unique nature of your brand.