A Guide to Better Work/Life

We value diverse mindsets, personalities and backgrounds.
We’re an inclusive and supportive workplace.
We empower our people to take the wheel.
We are true partners — we win when our clients win.
We balance creativity, technology, and intuition.
We value transparency and embrace flexibility.
We have nothing to hide.
We won’t work with assholes.
We don’t hire assholes.
We come with curiosity, empathy and without ego.
We are not here to change the world.
We are here to make a difference.
We take a WIP mindset — think clear, move fast.
We don’t micromanage.
We embrace the 9 to 5 (overtime is a sin).
We measure twice, cut once.
We back each other.
We love to share a family meal.
We focus on what we know has impact.
We love stupid questions.
We do good work for good people.

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