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Reach Your Ideal Audiences

Understand your ideal audience and how you can retarget them and target similar audiences


Save $ With Better Targeted Ads

Reach your ideal customer in the right place at the right time in their purchase journey


Drive Growth & Profit

Increase your Conversion rate with higher Conversion to Click ratio that ultimately increases your ROAS

Social Media Advertising is an
opportunity too big to miss!

There were more than 18 million users aged 18 and above using social media in Australia at the start of 2023.

And they're spending, on average, 2.5 hours each day on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

It's not just socialising... there's a whole lot of shopping going on!

What we're trying to say's too big an opportunity to miss.

Getting it wrong is a costly exercise - lost clients, lost sales, and wasted advertising dollars.

It's definitely something you need to get right — before your competitor does.

Let's be honest, a good social media advertising campaign is not about driving's about conversions and sales!

*DataReportal Feb 2023

We hear you! Are you feeling this too?

These are just some of the challenges our clients had when they came to Spicy Web:

😔 You’re spending good money on social media ads but not getting the results you want

😔 You are getting traffic, but not sales

🥺 Your target audience is too broad (or too small)

🥹 You’re not targeting your ideal lookalike audiences

😥 Your strategy isn’t hitting your ‘ready to buy now’ customer

😭 Your competition is targeting your customers, and you're getting left behind

😖 Your retargeting isn’t personalised for the customer journey

😡 You’re frustrated that you’re not getting a real return on investment, growth, and profits.

Sw social ads audit 1

Why a social ads audit is the right place for you to start

We get it. The thought of an audit feels kind of invasive. A bit like someone going through your bedside table - argh! Let me reassure you... it's not that bad. More a surface-level mole-mapping. We can't see your personal posts, we don't access your friends, we can't see any credit card payment method, and we can't see what posts you've liked.

What we can see are your Ad Campaigns, your Ad Sets, and your Ads. We can check to see if your pixel tracking is set up correctly, your retargeting is activated, your audience segmentation is relevant, your ad creatives are optimised for all placements.

Our social ads audit will provide you with a clear understanding about why your social ads aren’t working for your business, so that you can make actionable changes to maximise your potential on social media.

Facebook advertising is an essential strategy for any business’ marketing mix. But, if you don’t know how to navigate this tactically, it can be money down the gurgler.

You don’t want to be throwing money at advertising campaigns that are built around guesswork.

Understanding the ever-changing Facebook algorithm landscape, so that your business stands out in the crowd, does require constant research, analysis, and dedication.

That’s where our expertise comes in.

Sw social ads audit


💸 Spending more than 5k per month on Meta or LinkedIn ads?
😠 Not seeing growth in your Meta or LinkedIn marketing?
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How long does an Audit usually take?

Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for us to complete your Paid Social Ads audit. We'll get it back to you sooner if we can, but we like to take the time to dive deep for meaningful and legitimate improvement opportunities.

Will you be able to show me what my competitors are advertising?

Yep! We'll be able to uncover the campaign and creative strategies that your key competitors use.

What’s the process?

Once you send us an enquiry through the form above, we'll review your business details and begin your audit.

Is this audit for Organic Social Media?

No. Our specialty is in Paid Social Ads — using paid ads to drive legitimate ROI. We leave organic social to the experts in that space.

We build lasting relationships with trust, transparency, and results


💸 Spending more than 5k per month on Meta or LinkedIn ads?
😠 Not seeing growth in your Meta or LinkedIn marketing?
🎉 Ready to supercharge your ROI?

What is your currently monthly Paid Social ad-spend budget? *