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We’ve really enjoyed your company, and we must have piqued your interest just a little. ❤️ It’s a pretty powerful strategy, this retargeting thing. 💪

The results speak for themselves:

Social media advertising agency

↑ 4244%

Our 'Hey Rebel' Campaign increased website traffic by 4244% for the 28 days to July 11, 2023

Ecommerce meta ads client

↑ 978%

We increased the Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS) by 978% for our Our House of Glam e-Commerce Client

Health services

↑ 303K

Our health services provider achieved 303K+ uplift in Engagement for their campaign

The Power of
Social Media Advertising

According to research, it takes on average 8 touches to get an initial sale or meeting! Getting your business in front of your ideal target audience is the key objective of social media advertising, helping to connect with your audience to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales.

This is where the power of retargeting comes into play.

🎯 Retargeting allows your business to re-engage with users who have previously interacted with your website, mobile app, or organic media. It works by showing targeted ads to these visitors encouraging them to return and complete actions, such as making a purchase, signing up, or downloading an app.

🕵️‍♀️ It all starts when someone visits your website or engages with your social media content. The data you collect allows you to create Custom Audiences that you can retarget with the products or services that you want them to buy.

🦹‍♂️ That's your product, brand, or service right there in their hot little hands, at precisely the right time! Social Media Advertising Superpower!!!


Most Active Social Platform

Facebook had 2.989 billion monthly active users in April 2023


Global Advertising Audience

Facebook's global advertising audience is 2.249 billion


Advertising Reach

Facebook ads reach 33.3% of the global population over age 13


Website Traffic Source

Facebook drives 71.64% of web traffic referrals from social media

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What type of businesses does this strategy work best for?

A Paid Social Media strategy can be effective for various types of businesses, but it tends to work best for those that target specific audiences, rely on online engagement, and have products or services with visual appeal. Here are some types of businesses that can benefit greatly from a Paid Social Media strategy:

E-commerce businesses: Can help drive traffic to online stores, showcase products with eye-catching visuals, and reach potential customers based on their interests and behaviors.

Industries: Fashion and beauty brands, Food and beverage, Travel, Fitness, Health & Wellness.

How does it really work?

Retargeting allows businesses to re-engage with users who have previously interacted with their website, mobile app, or social media profiles. It works by showing targeted ads to these past visitors when they browse social media platforms or other websites, encouraging them to return and complete actions, such as making a purchase, signing up, or downloading an app.

It deploys a tracking pixel when someone visits your website or engages with your social media content. Then it collects user data, allowing you to create Custom Audiences based on certain actions or interest in your business which you can then reach these specific audience segments with the products or services you want them to buy.

Retargeting ads are tailored to the actions the user took on your website or social media profile, so you can personalise the ad to offer an incentive to encourage them to complete the purchase.

What are the Benefits of Retargeted Marketing?

😎 Increases brand awareness and keeps your business top-of-mind for potential customers.

😎 Encourages users to return and complete desired actions, increasing conversion rates.

😎 Helps nurture leads and move them further down the sales funnel.

😎 Allows for personalised advertising, which can result in higher engagement and better results.

😎 Provides valuable data and insights into user behaviour, allowing for more effective marketing strategies.

Which paid advertising platforms are best for a retargeting campaign?

When planning your retargeting campaign, consider factors such as your target audience, campaign objectives, and the specific features offered by each platform. Retargeting paid ads campaigns can be implemented across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads. A range of formats are suitable, including; Image, Video, Carousel, and Collection.

How can I measure the success of my campaign?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall revenue generated can be used to measure the success of a meta retargeting paid ads campaign.

Does Spicy Web offer Organic Social Media Management?

No, organic social media content management is not a service that we offer at this point in time.

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