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Your website is the cornerstone
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Your website frequently represents the ultimate digital interaction where potential clients take decisive action. It's more than just a virtual presence; it's your main digital touchpoint for your customers, and its effectiveness can make or break your online success.

This is why choosing the right platform and agency partner for your website design and development project is crucial.

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We developed a meaningful visual brand identity and information website to help Sydney University share the results of their Heart-Led Planning research project and drive action toward practical change

Website design tesserent

We developed a new website for cybersecurity firm, Tesserent, to consolidate various brands under one entity — making it an easier and more intuitive user experience

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We partnered with Squadron Energy to design, develop, and optimise their new website, enabling them to connect with local communities and lead the transition to Australia’s clean energy future.

Craft CMS:
Innovative, simple,
and market-leading

As one of Australia's leading website development agencies, we’ve used our fair share of website Content Management Systems (CMS) over the years. For nearly a decade, there's been one CMS that has consistently been a standout for us — Craft CMS.

Put simply, Craft's design flexibility, advanced pioneering, future-proofing, scalability, flawless performance, and cyber-security focus set it apart from any other platform that we've tried and tested.

We've built more than 230 Craft CMS websites, so we know the intimate capabilities and incredible outcomes that this platform delivers. We’ve even managed to accrue some distinguished industry recognition along the way.


Verified Craft CMS Partner

We've been a Craft CMS Partner since 2015


Craft CMS Websites

Our collaborative team of highly-skilled developers has built over 230 Craft CMS websites


Leading Craft Plugin Developers

Our team develops plugins that are sought after by Craft CMS users worldwide


Multiple Award-Winning Agency

Our work has earned us acclaim from esteemed authorities

Our Good Design Australia
Award-Winning Website Design 2023:

Our commitment to delivering outstanding results has earned us acclaim from esteemed authorities such as Good Design Australia and the Australian Graphic Design Association. Our portfolio boasts multiple projects that have received prestigious accolades, reaffirming our dedication to innovation, quality, and design excellence.

Credentialed Craft CMS Plugin Developers

Our talented team of Craft CMS developers are adept at building functional plugins that enhance user experience, development capabilities, and content management.

Our Craft CMS developed plugins are sought after by Craft CMS users worldwide.

Our Website Design Process:
The Blueprint for Success

We initiate the creation of your new Craft CMS website through our series of Discovery and Development Workshops. These sessions serve as a connection between your vision and the expertise of our design team.


1. Website Discovery Workshops

A dive deep into understanding your needs, business objectives, and challenges


2. Concept Design & Architecture

Sitemap, wireframe, and conceptual foundation elements crucial to your website's success


3. Creative Review & Collaboration

Ensures that the final product resonates with the brand's vision and goals


4. Craft CMS Development

CMS Setup, Front-end Development, Style Sheet, Navigation, and Core Components are meticulously crafted


5. Content Migration & Finalisation

Content editing and migration to refine and improve to ensure it meets the standard of today's digital landscape


6. Approval, Launch, and Onboarding

The 'grand finale' process that includes final site testing, launch approval, CMS training, and onboarding navigation

Craft CMS FAQ's

Does Craft CMS fully integrate with my business systems?

We specialise in integrating business systems and platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, SugarCRM, Campaign Monitor, VaultRE, Surga Central, and more.

Whatever your unique business infrastructure, with 15+ years of experience up our sleeve, and a deep pool of collaborative talent, we have specialist development capabilities to build cohesive and streamlined digital integrations.

Why is Craft CMS better than other platforms like WordPress?

Systems like Wordpress or Joomla (which is what we used to use) are some of most well-known content management platforms. They enjoy immense popularity because they tend to focus on lowering the barrier to website creation. They do this by attempting to take actual development work out of the equation, reducing it to installing an off-the-shelf theme and a set of plugins.

This is a fine solution for many businesses — after all, the web industry has been thriving on this approach for the last decade or so — but for many other businesses, it’s the wrong approach. It works well for those who simply require a web presence and nothing more. It’s a cheap solution that will give the client some aspect of control over their own website.

For those who see a website as an investment, and as playing a critical role in their marketing strategy, it often results in an ugly and ineffective website and a blown-out development budget.

We've put together a more in-depth article here.

Does Spicy Web offer ongoing website support?

Absolutely. We offer robust and reliable complete ongoing support for your Craft CMS website. We provide Website Hosting laser-fast Australian-based servers and offer an ongoing Security & CMS Updates service to ensure that your investment remains safe, secure, and performant.

If you need support with general content and feature enhancements, we'll take care of that with a Support Retainer.

How does Craft CMS cyber-security stack up?

Website security is a driving factor for why we use Craft CMS. Not only because it provides blazingly fast websites and the most flexible content editor on the market, but it is built with security front-of-mind, allowing us to lock down our websites to best protect our clients and their customers.

Read our full article to find out more.

How much does web design cost?

The cost of web design in Melbourne depends on a number of factors, such as the scale of the website, the specifics of the functionality required, and the complexity of the final design.

Get in touch to let us know what you have in mind for your project, and our experienced design and development team can provide recommendations that align with your needs and budget.

If we can't assist based on budget we'll tell you straight away.

Other questions?

If you've got any questions about Craft CMS that we haven't answered, send us an email and we'll get back to you. In the meantime, here are links to some of our articles that might help:

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External Page—Craft CMS Home Page

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